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Secrets She Holds author
Salomé Criddle
Secrets She Holds

This course syllabus focuses on the marriage principles derived from the Secrets She Holds book. In a world full of masks that hide the pain within marriages, Salome invites you to relinquish facades in exchange for the mirror of your truth. Be prepared to delve even deeper into the taboo topics that surrounded and evolved from the groundbreaking book Secrets She Holds.

In addition you will receive digital workbook with the outline of each topic. Various topics will be explored at length, areas include:

  • Abundant Life
  • Who Am I Again...? (Identity)
  • Mental & Emotional Health
  • I Had A Dream Once (Goals & Dreams)
  • Sex & Intimacy
  • Money Matters (Finances & Family Planning)
  • Strained Relationships & Family Feuds (Including Boundaries)
  • When Marriage is Killing You (Abuse, Trauma & Divorce)
  • I've Loved & Lost (Grief and bureavement)

This will enable you to plan a thriving life in around and beyond marriage. Choose to journey through this course personally and as a solo student or progress with a group. Prepare to gain clarity, fulfilment and transformation as you unearth the Queen within.

Abundant life
Abundant life
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In addition to providing an introduction to the overall body of the course,  this course explores what a wife with secrets looks like. How to create and plan for a life that you love. How the bible provides the perfect blueprint for a life of abundance. You will be challenged to assess the areas of your life that hinder your ability to thrive and identify the tools that are required to live a life of abundance.

  • Lessons
  • Quizzes

Welcome to the very first TWIRL course! We are honoured to present Secrets She Holds Marriage Course. Here we have the opportunity to delve into the challenging and taboo topics featured in the book. Your facilitator and author of the book, Salomé Criddle is going to share a video on what to expect from the course. In the featured video, she will also give an overview of how the course works and its objectives.