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The Thriving Woman


Customisation - Signed edition

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    What does it mean to thrive? What does it take to become a thriving woman? This life guide will share invaluable traits on the nature of a thriving woman. It also highlights the power of uniting to instigate impact focused communities.

    In this book you will:

    • Be inspired by the incredible experiences of our featured thriving women.
    • Explore and build on areas of your life that are in survival mode.
    • Gain deeper understanding of your purpose within your community.
    • Discover unconventional methods to thriving.

    There’s even more! You’ll have plenty of opportunities for reflection within the thrive challenges, questions and tailor-made checklists from our featured thriving women:

    • Karen Loring
    • Petra Rajapakse
    • June Ross MBE
    • Donna Walker
    • Tetta Ley
    • Lydia Adams