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Who are we?

Welcome to TWIRL (Thriving Women In Real Life), a vibrant community empowering women to thrive in every aspect of their lives.

We are more than just a community; we're a movement that fearlessly tackles taboo issues faced by women today. We break barriers and provide empowering solutions.

We use invigorating tools that guarantee tangible results:

  • Ground-breaking and transformative events 
  • Empowering resources that fuel your growth
  • Life-changing connections that uplift and inspire

In this family, we overcome challenges and conquer life! Let's connect as we embark on our journey to maximised thrive including:

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We believe

  • The bible has practical, applicable life tools to help us to navigate to a THRIVING life.
  • Community is necessary to aide progression and transformation.
  • We all have what we need to thrive in every area of our life through this community.

TWIRL is a progressive, fun loving “what you see is what you get” community that recognises the power of teamwork. We work together and grow together, we cry when someone hurts and cheer each other on when someone succeeds! Together we win! A movement of women who want to see effective change. Women with real heart!

Areas of development

We cover careers, business, relationships, marriage, singleness, dating, mental health, finance, health & fitness, faith & spiritual growth, sex & sexuality, family dynamics, emotional health, motherhood, life after retirement, student life, education, friendship, goals, leadership, wholeness and so much more!

Sal! Sal!
About the founder

Meet Sal!

Sal is the author of self help book Secrets She Holds and children's book A Whole New Bundle of Love. She is passionate about helping women pinpoint and broaden their own success in all aspects of their lives. She is determined to inspire women to find their voice and live, liberated from their past pain.

She has identified a need for a community that is conducive to thriving mentality, faith and life. A community that finds genuine healing and results.